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Aurora Symbols






   Acne          Ankle         Blouse





   Bone      Costume       Doctor





   Injury       Medicine        Sick


Avatalker AAC® utilizes the symbol set developed by Aurora Symbols. 1,500+ realistic and attractive illustrations representing a robust, functional vocabulary and a library of familiar items for every-day communication needs.

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It's Easy to Customize Avatalker AAC


Avatalker® AAC makes it easy to add custom photos and words or phrases to either of it's two skill stages! As children with autism are very "literal" thinkers, and lower functioning individuals may have difficulty using an abstract illustration in a "general" way, caretakers will often want to substitute their own photos (particularly where specific people or items are referred to). We designed Avatalker® AAC to make this fast and simple!


Check out the "Customizing Avatalker" video on our Support page!

Customizing Avatalker for a user's particular needs is easy and intuitive

Grammar Tools

Full Sentences with
Correct Grammar Made Easy!


Avatalker® AAC's Stage 2 offers an amazingly simple and powerful method for building grammatically correct sentences and phrases! For higher functioning nonverbal users who are capable of grammar, Avatalker's Stage 2 presents auto-menus for verb conjugation, noun morphologies, syntax, describers, and helping verbs! A conjunctions menu is handy at all times, as is a button for converting simple phrases into questions!

For a demonstration of these features, see our "Using Stage 2" training video on our Support page!

Two stages for communication


Two Skill Stages Cater to a
Wide Range of Ability


Avatalker® AAC has two skill stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 is a simple "wants and needs" level that has
pre-set and custom phrases and items. A child may choose an icon or photo and it's immediately spoken. Caretakers can add custom phrases and photos, or change the default items by customizing the pictures and
 Stage 2
is a full-featured communication platform for building phrases or full sentences with powerful grammar tools. Its categories organize the vocabulary database by association, for intuitive navigation.

Both stages are customizable and scalable. Button sizes can be adjusted, photos can be inserted, default library items can be excluded from categories in the settings panels and the auto grammar menus can be selectively turned on or off. No other AAC app offers such robust functionality in such an easy and intuitively-simple interface!

Stage One for basic wants and needs
of low-functioning users.

Stage Two for high-functioning users to build sentences.

Introducing Avatalker AAC

Avatalker® AAC is a robust, full-featured augmentative and alternative communication solution designed for the iOS platform (Apple's iPad and iPad Mini). It gives nonverbal children and adolescents the ability to build phrases and sentences pictographically, which are then converted to audible speech. It features a 1,500+ word vocabulary and exclusive symbol set library by Aurora Symbols that is easy to navigate and fun to use!


Why Avatalker AAC?


Avatalker® AAC is designed for easy communication of wants, needs and thoughts through an efficient and intuitive interface, with two levels for a wide range of ability. We minimized the number of finger-touches needed for phrase building to ensure the user always knows where to find their next word. Finding and selecting symbols/words is a breeze with Avatalker® AAC!