Intuitive and Fun Picture-to-Speech Communication for Nonverbal Children

Now Available! Avatalker AAC

Now Available for School Districts

SEAS Education now offers Avatalker AAC licensing for School Districts

Avatalker Enterprise

This version of Avatalker AAC is for school districts in the United States seeking a discounted, unlimited license. For single copies of Avatalker AAC, please purchase and download the retail version, also available through iTunes!

SEAS Education is offering a discounted unlimited license for all school districts. The license allows each of your staff members to download the Avatalker® AAC app, a leading augmentative and alternative communication solution to their iPad or iPad mini.

Contact us at or 877-221-7327 or find us on the web at

Avatalker® AAC:
An app unlike any other!

Aurora Symbols, LLC and Metova, Inc. have partnered to create an augmentative and alternative communication system unlike any AAC solution out there; Avatalker® AAC!

Avatalker® AAC is our flagship communication app. Designed from scratch, we created two scalable and customizable skill stages to accommodate the widest possible range of communication ability with a powerful array of tools! Visit the site's home page for more details on Avatalker® AAC, or watch the training video on our Support page.

NOW ONLY $49.99*

* Limited time offer