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   Acne          Ankle         Blouse





   Bone      Costume       Doctor





   Injury       Medicine        Sick


Avatalker AAC® utilizes the symbol set developed by Aurora Symbols. 1,500+ realistic and attractive illustrations representing a robust, functional vocabulary and a library of familiar items for every-day communication needs.

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Grammar Tools

Full Sentences with
Correct Grammar Made Easy!


Avatalker® AAC's Stage 2 offers an amazingly simple and powerful method for building grammatically correct sentences and phrases! For higher functioning nonverbal users who are capable of grammar, Avatalker's Stage 2 presents auto-menus for verb conjugation, noun morphologies, syntax, describers, and helping verbs! A conjunctions menu is handy at all times, as is a button for converting simple phrases into questions!

For a demonstration of these features, see our "Using Stage 2" training video on our Support page!