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   Acne          Ankle         Blouse





   Bone      Costume       Doctor





   Injury       Medicine        Sick


Avatalker AAC® utilizes the symbol set developed by Aurora Symbols. 1,500+ realistic and attractive illustrations representing a robust, functional vocabulary and a library of familiar items for every-day communication needs.

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It's Easy to Customize Avatalker AAC


Avatalker® AAC makes it easy to add custom photos and words or phrases to either of it's two skill stages! As children with autism are very "literal" thinkers, and lower functioning individuals may have difficulty using an abstract illustration in a "general" way, caretakers will often want to substitute their own photos (particularly where specific people or items are referred to). We designed Avatalker® AAC to make this fast and simple!


Check out the "Customizing Avatalker" video on our Support page!

Customizing Avatalker for a user's particular needs is easy and intuitive