Intuitive and Fun Picture-to-Speech Communication for Nonverbal Children

Q> What equipment do I need in order to buy Avatalker for my child?


A> Avatalker is currently available for iOS devices only. Specifically, iPad 2 or later and iPad Minis.
     Visit or a licensed retailer of Apple products for more information on purchasing. You will
     need to open an iTunes account to purchase and download Avatalker AAC.



Q> What version of iOS works best with Avatalker?


A> Avatalker works best with iOS 7 or later. We recommend upgrading your iPad(s) to the latest
     iOS version for the best user experience.



Q> Can I use my own photos and words in Avatalker?


A> Absolutely! Avatalker AAC is fully customizable with your own words and with photos from
     your device's photos library. We suggest you crop your photo to the subject only and reduce the
     resolution to avoid large photos slowing down Avatalker's touch response.