Aurora Symbols






   Acne          Ankle         Blouse





   Bone      Costume       Doctor





   Injury       Medicine        Sick


Avatalker® AAC utilizes the symbol set developed by Aurora Symbols. 1,500+ realistic and attractive illustrations representing a robust, functional vocabulary and a library of familiar items for every-day communication needs.


Intuitive and Fun Picture-to-Speech Communication for Nonverbal Children

Where can I download Avatalker AAC?

You can purchase and download Avatalker AAC through the iTunes store on your desktop computer or directly to your iPad.


To see Avatalker AAC on the App Store, Click Here


Will Avatalker AAC be available on
Android devices?

We are planning a version for Android devices, and will announce a release date sometime in the future.


Can we obtain the Aurora Symbol Set for our Classroom?

Aurora Symbols, LLC plans to make its symbol set available to schools later in 2017. Please visit for more information.


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